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Use your finger as a sword to speed slash zombies in this fast-paced Gladiator-Action game where you as Maximus, run through a mysterious Underworld filled with danger and treasure.

***A Gladiator's Quest to Save Rome and Win His Freedom***
Growls beneath Rome's grounds were long a mystery until a secret gate was found. Beyond its doors evil from a different time tried to push through, a form of living dead. In fear of a zombie outbreak, a valiant gladiator became the people's last hope that one day the dread of the dead would end.

As the growls grew ever louder, the Emperor ordered that the brave gladiator should have his courage tested among the hungry horde with only a sword to his defense. That gladiator was you Maximus.

Speed into the dark, slash zombies in your quest to save Rome and win your freedom!

Five gold coins are hidden in each level, collect them to unlock levels. This is done by swiping crates, barrels, vases and planks. But be careful not to swipe red explosives.

You automatically run forward so your mission is to swipe your screen to slay zombies before they catch you. There is a time limit to complete each level so swipe speed crates with "4X" and "5X" written on them to accelerate. If you are too slow you will become infected.

* For Best Experience, Keep Your Screen Brightness High.

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